How To Apply At MKIU

Once you have decided to study with us, our aim is to make the application process as efficient and straightforward as possible. You can apply as follows:

  1. You can visit our admission office or download an application enquiry from

Please complete the application and send it to us together with

  • copies of all your academic qualifications
  • 3 passport size photos
  • copy of your national identity card/passport
  • plastic file
  • a ream of photocopy paper
  • application fees of Rwf 20,000 payable in the following banks:

Equity Bank Acc No 4002200201113, b) Access Bank Acc No 1002100102095401, c) GT Bank Ac No 0212/0122949-1/001/5101/000, d) KCB Acc No 4400430448.

But if you have any further questions please contact us at:

 Email:, Facebook: Mount Kenya International University, Twitter: @mkiu,  Whatsapp: 0783106483.

What we do with your application

Once we receive your application, it will be handled by the relevant admissions staff for your chosen degree programme. The admission team will carefully review the information you have given in your application, your academic record and referees to ensure you meet our entry requirements.

Securing entry to Mount Kenya International University is competitive, so we are unable to offer a place to everyone who applies. Each application is treated individually and on merit and how long it takes to process will depend on personal circumstances and your chosen degree course. It is therefore important to complete your application with great care (we may withdraw any offer if the information on the application is inaccurate or incomplete).

Verification of qualifications

All those applying to join the University must verify their academic transcripts through the Rwanda Notary Authorization for you to be admitted. Where necessary, you might be requested for equivalence from the Higher Education Council of Rwanda.

Unsuccessful applicants

If your application is unsuccessful and you are unclear why you can request feedback. We recommend that you first double-check that you meet our entry requirements as it’s the most common reason why applications are turned down. If you are not satisfied with your unsuccessful application, you should put your request in writing to the Registrar, Admissions office for feedback. Please note that we are normally able to respond to requests for feedback only from the applicants themselves.

Transfers and Exemptions

Mount Kenya International University accepts applications from students transferring from other universities within and beyond the region. For such a student to be considered for admission one will be required to fill transfers and/or exemptions form for consideration to complete the specific degree one is undertaking. The form is provided in the admissions office. Information relating to possible exemptions is also provided in the same office.